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Jonathan Beckers & Sylvain Niset - 21/01






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22.01.2020 | 12:15
  • Activity

Développement durable, un moteur de changement Durabilité et communication: comment trouver le ton juste? A l’origine, les mots durable ou res ...

23.01.2020 | 12:00
  • Lunch

Members only due to the large number of BMMA members already registered. What does it take to become an exceptional marketer: being a woman or be ...

29.01.2020 | 12:15
  • Lunch meeting

Les Tartes de Françoise prêtes à s’exporter? Jean Baisier CEO Les Tartes de Françoise Que de chemin parcouru en 25 ans par les Tartes de Franç ...

04.02.2020 | 12:15
  • Lunch meeting

Les 5 piliers du succès de EASI, Entreprise de l'Année 2019 Jean-François Herremans CEO EASI Le leitmotiv d’EASI est clair: pour amener chaqu ...

06.02.2020 | 12:15
  • Lunch conference

A quoi servent encore les diplomates au XXIe siècle? Les défis de la diplomatie dans un monde globalisé et hyperconnecté SEM Hélène Farnaud-Defr ...

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The Cercle de Lorraine

The Cercle de Lorraine is a business club reserved for a network of leaders, decision-makers and representatives of a lively force of men and women active in Belgium and on the international scene.

The club is trans-generational, multi-disciplinary, multilingual and multicultural, based in Brussels and radiating out all across Belgium.

It is a meeting point and a platform for exchanging and sharing among peers, as well as being an ideas laboratory and a forum for developing knowledge.

The Cercle is a place to receive, give presentations, enjoy a good time and follow your interests.  It is an exclusive club, a prestigious and convivial place for getting together of which the members are proud.


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